Let's work together. Here's a few ways that's possible (and that we'd love to see happen):

For businesses

If you've got a product you'd like touting, we can do that. If your product aligns with us, of course; we're not about to write about something we don't believe in.

Sponsored posts start at $100, or we can arrange something similar to an exchange of goods. For example, a year of free beer works, too.

For tourism boards

Between the two of us, we've paired with Visit Germany, Visit Norway, Visit El Paso, Visit Salt Lake City, Visit Nashville, and the Namibia Tourism Board, amongst others. We're travel writers in addition to bloggers — check out some of our publications below.

What's more, we're also staff at Matador Network. Jacqueline edits branded content and Shannon does social media — between the two of us, that means you'll get engaging content and effective social sharing.

For readers

If you're looking for consulting on your next trip, how to start up a blog, or anything travel/blogosphere-related, we're here to help. And no, there are no stupid questions.

For publications

Combined, Shannon and Jacqueline have been featured in or wrote for the follow organizations:


Now let's get started taking over the world. You can use our contact form to reach out, or email us at thesuperteam@thestrangeandnew.com.