Hello, hello! So last Monday, I flew into Bangkok where I spent two days haggling the cost of tuk-tuk rides, drinking arguably too many Changs, and becoming sexually awakened from each bowl of massaman curry. And over some said Changs and curry, I met a group of solo travelers - a 3D mapmaker from Liverpool, a police officer from Freiburg, an Irishman who tosses pizza at Dominos, and a selfie-obsessed actress with 'followers' from London. A one-hour conversation on Texas accents later and we had plans to ditch our flights and take a 14-hour train ride from Bangkok to Chiang Mai.

The train? Awesome. Uncomfortable with a slight smell of shit and sex, but still awesome. We were even adopted by a train mom who told us not to hang out the doors since someone had been decapitated doing the same thing the night before. Comforting. And with the exception of a couple from China doing it the whole night below my bed, the shaking and rattling of the caboose was actually pretty relaxing.

While in Chiang Mai, we bathed elephants in a river, slid down waterfalls, zip lined through the jungle while holding back sickness from the previous night's overly spicy green curry, and jumped from rafts while going over rapids. A couple days of danger and upset stomachs later, and we were weaving motorbikes around the 762 turns of mountain roads to the hippie village of Pai three hours north of Chiang Mai. And don't let the beautiful scenery, hostels with circus equipment, bars with 'happy shakes', and meditation bungalows fool you - you'll never want to leave.



Now, I'm back in Chiang Mai getting ready to fly to Singapore in a few hours. There, we'll spend a couple of days adjusting to things costing more than $2 USD before flying to Cairns where we'll meet up with my boyfriend's mom from Butts County, Georgia who has never left the U-S-of-A. Next, we'll all cram into a campervan to drive down the east coast of Australia.

Stay tuned for further news and updates of snakes, spiders, and boyfriend mothers who want to kill me. But for now, here are some pictures from the trip so far (will send in separate e-mail since they're on my phone).