Look at those teeth!

Look at those teeth!

Woo! I'm not lonely anymore, folks! Mom, dad. Shannon Dell, of the infamous Chattanooga Dells, is going to be lending her artsy-fartsy flair to The Strange and New. Be on the lookout for a handful of involuntary swearing, metaphors about Cheetos, and soon-to-be award-winning stories on whatever her strange brain can think up. See? This is why she's a good fit. 

But in all seriousness, SD-card, a Jennifer Lawrence look-alike, is one of the most prolific contributors to MatadorNetwork, and has gotten her sea legs with the likes of BBC Travel, Business Insider, and Cracked. Wee!

To top it off, she's now on a two-month long excursion to Thailand/Singapore/Australia with her boyfriend and her boyfriend's mom and I am THRILLED about that last part. Hello, hilarious meanderings to ensue; I can't wait for her to write us of her tales. 

Keep an eye out for her new stuff; it's gonna be good!