I'll start this one simple: if you're ever in Australia, don't skip out on the Great Ocean Road. Seriously. We'll be mad at you. And while we're at it, don't skip on Melbourne either. They have penguins for fuck's sake; not to mention some of the best street art in the world. But penguins. C'mon. 

On October 21st, we said a sad goodbye to the land of friendly folks and death-wish kangaroos to fly into the world of Hobbits and glow worms. Australia, we miss you. But damn, New Zealand is something else. 

Since we landed, we've black water rafted in the Waitomo Caves under thousands of glow worms; discovered that 'freedom camping' isn't free for everyone; explored Hobbiton and had a drink at the Green Dragon; hiked the 19.4 kilometer Tongariro Alpine Crossing in the clouds; realized that sleeping in a Nissan Cube fucking sucks and that no car will take care of us the way Flo would; got up close to one of the sheep masks from Black Sheep; got my world turned upside down with pumpkin enchiladas; and stayed up till 5 AM to watch the rugby final against Australia in a packed out pub with a bunch of drunk old people. 

The plan from here? We set out to Abel Tasman National Park tomorrow before making our way down the coast, keeping our eyes peeled for a kiwi bird because dammit, we know you're out there.