Hello to all you awesome Strange and New readers! You guys do exist, right? So, last update I gave was a survival guide to traveling in a Jucy camper with the boyfriend and his mother and how to avoid debates on conspiracy theories and hoses used for cleaning toilets. And believe it or not y'all, I'm even more knowledgeable this time around. And by more knowledgeable, I mean I now realize thongs are flip flops and drop bears are one giant inside joke among all Australians.

The last half of the camper days went by much quicker than the first half. I blame this on the fact that we had an “oh shit” moment when we realized on day six that we had only driven 350 kilometers and had 1,350 more to go. The next six days were spent driving along Rainbow Beach, sledding down hills of Carlo Sandblow, bouncing around in a 4x4 on Fraser Island, jumping in rock pools, watching whales crash back into the water, and exploring an abandoned shipwreck that, to our dismay, no one had actually died on.

Now, after bidding the boyfriend's mother a goodbye at the Brisbane airport, we're getting a taste of normalcy by staying right outside the city with a good family friend in her house that's larger than a foldout bed. Of course, this normalcy I speak of means hearing locals bitch about Tony Abbott and having a cat wake me up at 6 AM every morning. We plan on hanging out here for a week or so before renting another camper and making our way to Melbourne over the next month.

Some things I've learned? Truck stop showers are sketchy in the middle of the night. Seeing your first whale is a goddamn memory in the making. Getting to a free campsite late at night always leads to a surprise in the morning of miniature horses or 500 ducks surrounding your van. Australians are nice – almost too nice. And you will be given shit by everyone you meet for drinking a bag of goon. Also, bags of goon make better pillows than wine. 

'Till next time! Hopefully by then I can officially say I've seen a quokka.