Hey gang! We're finally getting our butts in gear and taking this thing seriously. We've got a Facebook page (that you can check out by clicking on the above image) and even the dreaded Twitter. Heh. Shannon and I are not superfans of the Twitter, but we make it work. 

We've had a great response to all the social outreach going on lately — it only took a few hours to get past 100 likes on Facebook. Wee! Hopefully we can keep up the pace, or something similar. Exciting things are happening!

In the meantime, Shannon's getting back in her camper, I'll be working on this and on my next secret project (that'll be announced shortly), and by the time she gets back to the states, I'll be heading to El Paso for my next press trip! Gonna get my burrito on like it's my job, which it sort of is.

But I'm getting on a tangent. This was about Facebook, not burritos. But if you love burritos, you should like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter...because we like burritos, too.