Hey all, I (Jacqueline) have a new pet project that's just now up and going. It's called Letters to Anywhere, and it's a site for people to submit letters to...anywhere. It aims to collect messages from all around the globe from people to the places they're connected to. Then we'll post these messages, connecting readers to the familiar and the foreign through the perspectives of others. In my mind, it's like a lighter, travel-based version of Humans of New York meets Post Secret.

We're currently looking for submissions in ANY form: a picture of you flipping off the Statue of Liberty, a haiku written to your favorite college bar, or a tome to the wonder that is Cincinnati. Even if you're not the writing type, check it out! It's a really cool concept that could appeal to a lot of people, and hopefully we'll start posting letters in the coming weeks as they amass. Also, check it out now and you'll totally be an #earlyadopter.

We've already got submissions from several different countries, and hopefully the momentum keeps going! Wish us luck!