Guys. I just got back from ten days through Glacier, Yellowstone, and the Tetons. Beforehand it was all, "Okay, I work from home, I can manage this. I'll just plug my Mac into...wait."

Macs can't be plugged into USB ports. DAMNIT, STEVE. 

First step? Go to Amazon and search "mac charger." You'll find 2309585 options, all of which are confusing, especially if you don't know much about how electricity works (cough, guilty, cough).

Second step? Get overwhelmed and confused.

Third step? Read the below instead — this is everything you need to charge a Mac from your car (and then some).

Kensington's (US) invertor is actually recommended by Apple.

This baby comes with two USB ports, so plugging it into your lighter won't block you from plugging your phone in. The only downside this badboy has is that it makes a humming noise — however, I only ever heard it when the car was at a stoplight and no one was talking; you probably won't even notice it if you're on the highway. Also, there's no surge protector so it's still a risk, but odds are you probably don't use one in your daily life anyway (I certainly never do).

Oh, and this thing is 150 watts; some are 120 (standard), meaning this is more than enough power for your Mac for around $50.

Stanley also offers a standard outlet/Mac charging option. This one does the same job as the Kensington one, but is about $30 cheaper (this one is roughly $20). If you're on a budget, go for this guy. The reason it's $30 cheaper is that it has no cord (though Kensington's is by no means long), it only has one USB port, and it's your standard 120 watts. That being said, again, it does the same job.

This one is also a bit more travel-sized and easier to shove in pockets. All about what you need!

Also, with either of these you can plug other normal crap in, too, like, I dunno, a toaster or something. If I had to pick one, I'd probably go with Kensington's, but that's because it was slightly easier to get into my lighter outlet thing; Stanley's I had to jimmy a bit because it seemed a teeny bit too fat. Though for the record, I'm guessing that had some to do with the car I was driving, too; yours may be a titch bigger and thus work fine.

But either way, with these two options you'll stay productive on the road even when away from regular charging stations. Problem solved!

Disclaimer: Purchasing through these links throws Shannon and I a few cents (but does not up your cost). For the record, do note that I bought these items before I was aware we could make money through talking about them. I owned them 100% organically (and used them, and will do so again).