Where do I even begin with Cairn? You subscribe for a $25-monthly box of various outdoor products and BAM! Suddenly every month is a freakin' holiday. What's in the box, you ask? Besides not being Gwyneth Paltrow's head, I couldn't tell you even if I knew. That's the cool thing about Cairn  it's always a surprise. However, I'll give you a little spoiler alert: there's always some sort of gear, apparel, food, skin care, and emergency equipment. 

So who created Cairn? A group of Bend, Oregon-based outdoor junkies who had their first "board meetings" on  get this  paddleboards. Their passion is fostering outdoor community by inspiring people to get outside. Do the Cairn boxes help do that? Absolutely. After receiving my first box with a bandanna covered in survival instructions? I was ready to tackle the world. Or, y'know, at least the woods behind my house. 

Here's my review of the contents in my last Cairn box. 

(ANOTHER SPOILER ALERT: I kind of loved it) 

There it is. My little box of goodies. Contents:

Aloe Up Pro Ultra Sport SPF 50+


I burn from the moon. I burn from the stars. And I sizzle in the sun. This sunscreen is awesome. 

I was even able to go outside without my nose turning into a cherry. Not to mention, it kept my skin ultra-moisturized without making me feel greasy and gross. And it's water resistant. It's like a sunscreen after my own melanoma-free heart. 



Hydaway 21oz Collapsible Bottle

Super convenient but also not floppy and flimsy like some other collapsible bottles. My favorite part about it is that, due to its durability, you can make it various heights depending on how much space/liquid you have. Then it folds up with no problem. Twist that little cap with a flip-up straw right on there and you've got a carabiner, environmental, and convenience-friendly bottle. Straight up. Love this one. 

Skratch Labs Exercise Hydration Mix

Not gonna lie  not a huge fan of flavored drinks. 

That being said, after mixing it in my bottle of water and taking a big sip every ten minutes on a run around my neighborhood, I felt like I wasn't totally about to die like I usually do. So do I recommend it? I suppose so. Although I'll admit that I'd kind of rather just mix it with some sour whiskey. 

Nite Ize Inova Squeeze Light II

It was developed for the military, which means it's perfect for using during a round of Mission: Impossible when the floor turns to lava. 

Super small and light weight, it's intended for one-hand use when you need a blast of LED light. Hook this little guy up to your bag, clothes, or backpack, and you've got yourself some pretty powerful alien-green light to illuminate your surroundings. 

Skratch Labs Fruit Drops Energy Chews

Although I felt zero added energy from these yummy chews, my taste buds gleefully clapped. Healthy candy? Sign me up. And besides, have you ever felt a burst of energy from any gummy? Isn't that the FDA betting on the power of placebos? Either way, these are delicious and probably good for you. I mean, I definitely haven't died or gotten the flu, so who knows?



Full disclosure here: If you purchase through The Strange and New (and the links we're using on this page), we get a few bucks. HOWEVER, BEFORE YOU GO BACK TO LOOKING AT CATS, know that I've been getting Cairns boxes for months now, way before getting a few bucks from them was even potentially on the radar. This is a thing I legitimately enjoy and Jacqueline and I here at TSN are way too stubborn and unimpressed with most things to pull one over on anyone. You can probably sense this. Moving on.

So, seriously. If you love hiking, being outdoors, and just awesome stuff that you didn't know existed and you have interest level zero in going shopping, you'll like this box. No, love this box. Or whoever-you're-thinking-about-buying-a-gift-for-but-don't-know-what-to-get-them will love this box. Because who wouldn't love Christmas 12 times a year? Scrooge McDuck, that's who. No one else.

So go on. Treat yo'self. Or someone else you love who deserves to be treated.