Guys. Blogging is hard — especially if you have a full-time, "real" job. Shannon and I have seen peaks and valleys with TSN, and we're still nowhere near where we'd like to be, but we're taking baby steps.

One of those baby steps? Signing up with Affiliate Window.

Unlike some other affiliate programs, AW seems to have things that are actually relevant to us. Tons of travel programs/products that you can partner with are listed on the site from things as small as travel bras to corporations as large as Eurail. If you're in the travel blogging world, this is a good program to be a part of — and with their list, you can afford to only tout products that you actually like.

And the best part? Signing up is free. Well, you give 'em $5 to verify your bank account, but then it's put back into your AW account. And the rest is easy as pie — some even have 100% acceptance rates, giving you no excuse but to at least try and get started.

So do it. Fill out your profile. Look at what they have. And start dreaming about all that dough. But also, full disclosure: if you click these links and sign up, Shannon and I get a few bucks. Might as well help out a few struggling bloggers, right?! 

Consider it good for your karma, in addition to good for your wallet.