Real talk. Everyone has the "one who got away." For me, that's Savannah. I lived in this historic, sulfuric-scented town for three years, stumbling on cobblestone streets and shaking my head at tourists putting Spanish moss on their faces (tip: don't do that). Needless to say, leaving a place as enchanting as the Hostess City was difficult, especially when I would forget I couldn't casually leave the bar with a drink-in-hand. The good news though? I can always go back. 

So if you're daydreaming about visiting one of the most haunted and charming places in the country where you can also drink freely in the streets and eat some of the best food in the world (sans Paula Deen's restaurant), join the club. And with Hipmunk, it's almost too easy to find the best spot to crash. Here are some of your options, courtesy of that little chipmunk we love so dearly. 

Best Bang for Your Buck: Hilton Savannah DeSota, $150 per night

This hotel is the winner if you're looking for package deals and discounts so your wallet doesn't burst into flames. But don't let the budget-friendliness of this spot fool you — there's plenty of lavish flare here. Touched with elegance in a prime location 20 minutes from the airport and right in the Historic District, it's also close to tons of downtown attractions and the city's free public shuttle. Do you smell that? That's all the cash you're saving for the smorgasbord of delicious food to spend money on rather than hotel bills. 

Best Amenities: Savannah Marriott Riverfront, $160 per night

The Savannah Marriott Riverfront is pretty much for anyone, whether you're traveling for business or for leisure. There's a fitness center so you can burn off all those bowls of shrimp and grits, a 24/7 business center for work, indoor pool, restaurant, bar, and spa.  There's also complimentary toiletries, and who doesn't love some tiny bars of free soap? 

Best Boutique Choice: East Bay Inn, $152 per night 

The rooms are charming, the breakfast is free, there are turndown services in the evening, and there's wine and cheese hors d'oeuvres served in a parlor. If you've never eaten hors d'oeuvres in a historic, boutique hotel parlor, then you're selling yourself short. And for a starting rate of $152 per night? Treat yourself, queen.

Best Location: The Marshall House, $143 per night 

If you can handle all the ghost stories, then The Marshall House is your pick for the best location in the city. It's right on Broughton Street, which has all the best shopping, as well as near Oglethorpe Square. The Davenport House Museum and riverfront are also short walks from the hotel. 

Best Pick Where Luxury Meets History: Kehoe House, $215 per night

If you drive around Savannah for any amount of time, it won't take you long to notice everything looks old. And just like the rest of the Historic District, the Kehoe House works hard to preserve the historic charm of this 1892 home. Just don't expect cobwebs and ghost maids — there are plenty of modern amenities blended with historic luxury, such as private bathtubs, cable televisions, parlors for socializing, a music room with a piano, and a verandah. And did I mention there are complimentary biscottis? Because there are complimentary biscottis. It's also kid-free. Sold? Sold. 

All this goes to show that Hipmunk is super useful when it comes to planning a vacation, and that's why we paired up with them to spread the word. We would never endorse something we don't love, and we obviously love that little chipmunk.