Finding lodging in the States, in my opinion, gets no more intimidating than when you're visiting New York City. Apart from the fact that people are renting closets for $2,000 per month, the sheer number of choices is totally daunting. If you're on a budget, fuhgeddaboudit. It's like we need a phone-a-friend to clue us in on where to start, and the closest we can get with that isHipmunk Hotels. This site offers succinct, honest reviews, maps, and little graphs that show us what months are cheapest. Holla.

For a place like NYC, let's dive in.

Your Budget Option: The Chelsea Savoy Hotel

The Chelsea Savoy Hotel has one majorly sweet, sweet thing going for it. Its name is reminiscent of old school London. Beyond that, the next sweetest thing is that it's a trusty hotel for a decent price. In fact, considering its central location, the price is probably more than decent. For $200 or so a night, you get everything you need in a hotel, plus croissants and danishes in the morning. For the upper end of that price spectrum, you get a full, roomy bathroom. You'll also get Wi-Fi, a small fridge, and the usual pomp and circumstance.

Input its location to your brain algorithm, and this one's truly a steal. It's next to the 23rd Street subway stop, and you can walk to Madison Square Park, the Empire State Building, and the Fashion Institute of Technology. It's easy on your feet and easy on your wallet.

Your Splurge Option: The Hotel Belleclaire

With taxes, the Hotel Belleclaire is going to set you back about $400 per night. If it's worth it to you to feel like you're on a modern-day Titanic, however, then by all means, go ahead. The robes in the bathroom alone are enough to feel like a queen, but the long, white, plush chaise lounges in the bar area do the job, too. Here you're right in Manhattan, and you'll have a view of Broadway or the Hudson River.

Let's be real. If you're staying in this hotel, you probably have Hamilton tickets, so this entire trip will be a dream come true. Don't throw away your shot by staying somewhere else. As an added bonus, there's even an arcade.

Your I-Just-Won-the-Lottery Option: The Dumont NYC

For almost $600 per night after taxes, you'd better believe that the Dumont NYC-an Affinia Hotel is the stuff Instagram dreams are made of. Just get to one of the top floors and watch your photo of the skyline roll in the likes. Then hightail it to the workspace in your hotel room, either to email Dad and thank him for his credit card or to watch your stock values skyrocket.

Once you're over the views and have your work done, head down for the Dumont's complimentary Wine Hour in the evening. You can even get in-room dining from one the restaurants in the neighborhood. You also have a full kitchen in your room, and FreshDirect Grocery Service can stock you up, too, if that's more your speed. You're right on 34th Street, so head to a show or to the Chrysler Building. Alternatively, just stick around the lobby to wait for Lin Manuel Miranda to stroll in.

All this goes to show that Hipmunk is super useful when it comes to planning a vacation, and that's why we paired up with them to spread the word. We would never endorse something we don't love, and we obviously love that little chipmunk.

Image by Daniel Wehner