You guys. We were featured on a Foodful Thinking live video where we got a little tipsy reviewing some great (and uh, not so great) Denver beers. We're practically famous, right? RIGHT. 

So if you want to see us scrunch our noses at sours and smack our lips at stouts, and you have 45 minutes to spare  which, c'mon, we know you do  crack open a Card Your Mom and click that play button.


But for those who don't have 45 minutes dedicated to us getting boozy in Shannon's kitchen, we'll give you a quick rundown of our top and bottom shelf choices. 

Winner: Graham Cracker Porter (Denver Beer Co.) 

Holy. S'more. Beer. One sip of this toasty babe and you'll be right by a fire smooshing burnt marshmallows between graham crackers and chocolate. It's smooth. It's rich. It's bold. It's pretty much everything you could hope for in a beer (if you're not some hop freak). 

You hear that crackle and fizz? No, it's not the sound of the fire you wish you were snuggled up by. That's you cracking open another because it's just too damn good to only have one. 

Loser: Gose Lime (Big Choice Brewing

We have to get credit where credit is due. Big Choice Brewing, we applaud your beer experimentation. Not every brewery has the hops and guts to brew a lime-infused sour, but your big choice was to do it anyway. Our big choice? Never drink this beer again. 

It's wheaty, tarty, citrusy, salty, and sour. Minus the wheat part, it's a lot like a margarita. But you know what kind of margarita sucks? The ones without Tequila. Pass me one of these when I'm listening to Jimmy Buffet on a beach in Florida  then we might be talking. 

Honorable Mention: Card Your Mom (CAUTION: Brewing Co.) 

I mean. Do we even need to explain why? Sure, we could go into this Saison's pineapple, pear, and cardamom (PUNS!) spice flavor, but there's really no need. Try to tell us you wouldn't buy this at the beer store solely based off its can design. Yeah? That's what we thought.