Ramen. We’ve all been there. But when you’re over the age of 22 and you’re trying to justify eating ramen four nights in a row, you’re going to have to spice it up a little bit  especially when living in a Mitsubishi Express and feeling your pockets getting lighter and lighter with every fuel stop and Tim Tam purchase. But with limited amount of ingredients and directions (boil water, dump noodles, season with shit), most people just settle for Grade C instant ramen. Not anymore, though. 

Adulthood, you remember 50 cent noodles? 50 cent noodles, meet adulthood.


1 instant ramen packet

Peanut butter  crunchy. This is non-negotiable.

1 egg

Soy sauce


Chili paste

Crushed up peanuts


First, it’s crucial to put forth some good noodle vibes into the universe. Say aloud, “This ramen will be different and more delicious and more memorable than the ramen I had last night...and the night before that...and the night before that.”

Next, boil some water. But please, for the love of all things sanitary, be careful where you’re getting your water from. If it’s from a hose attached to a toilet, it’s probably in your best interest to find water elsewhere. Or, y’know, boil the shit out of it. 

Once the water is boiling, drop that noodle square into its watery demise with a splash of oil. Then, stir occasionally. (DISCLAIMER: I’m only writing this out as a step-by-step guide. I know you know to boil and stir ramen. Honestly, you’ve probably done it over 200 times, but who’s counting? Not you because you should be stirring.)

Once the noodles are getting softer, throw a scoop or two of crunchy peanut butter in it. Don’t like crunchy? Tough luck. Do it anyway because it’s probably the most important part of the whole damn dish. Stir in that peanut butter until it’s melted, creating a peanut-y sauce that the noodles are now cooking in.

As the sauce begins to evaporate, splash some soy sauce in there and keep on stirring. While the noodles keep cooking, grab your egg and whip it up in a separate bowl or cup with a fork. Take the beaten egg and pour it slowly over the noodles while stirring, coating your ramen in a gooey mess of greatness. 

Once there’s that perfect noodle to broth ratio you like, take your sauce pan off the burner. Season it with your season packet and make it spicy with a little bit of chili paste. Or a lot if you’re not a total bitch about spicy foods.

Top with some peanuts you crushed earlier that day when you were broken down on the side of the road and enjoy.

You’re welcome.