Everything You Need to Know

1. Monadnock

  1. an isolated hill or ridge or erosion-resistant rock rising above a peneplain.

No, it's not pronounced like "gonad knock." The emphasis is on the second syllable. An opportunity missed, in my opinion, but it is what it is. There is a giant one of these bad boys in this park, and it looks like a giant slab of marble ate the dome at the Hunger Games. Below it is a neat little recreated homestead that's open for exploring during summer.

2. Lower Falls looks like this:

It's quite beautiful, though it doesn't compare to Stone Mountain Falls, regardless of what the guide books tell you (mine was egregiously wrong). And it's notably better than Middle Falls, which, while pretty in its own right, is ridiculously hard to photograph well. You're kind of on top of it when you get there, and it sort of rolls down a hill.

3. Get your knees in shape.

Up and down the side of Stone Mountain Falls is about 30 flights of stairs. Super convenient and makes everything easy, but will also make you feel like a turd if you get winded. There are three stopping platforms along the falls so you can get a view at the top, the middle, and the bottom.


4. Don't believe the "strenuous" labels. 

Apart from the hikes being long, nothing is that strenuous. There are foot bridges everywhere, 99% of the time you're on a wide gravel path, and unless it's flooded recently, you'll be able to jump from rock to rock in all the creeks you need to. The hardest part about the hike was easily the 30 flights of perfectly-crafted wooden stairs. Not exactly a challenge unless you consider the elevator breaking down at work "strenuous."


5. #WaterfallWednesday is the best.

Every week, you get reminded that Mother Nature is awesome. Look at her go! You go, Mother Nature, you go. Don't stop doin' your thang. I'd love to write something more eloquent, but I really just promote WaterfallWednesday because...well, waterfalls. They promote themselves. Need I say more?




Honorable Mention:

Free parking. Take that, California. Take that.